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I work as a handbuilding ceramic sculptor in Boston MA. My work is largely very celebratory of the natural world and the human figure and their relationship in form and mythologie. I like to draw from old myths, natural curiosities as well as ancient history. Creatures, plants and people that I create are never really one thing or the other but rather hybrids, general presented as sacred objects or icons.

Though i never really set off down this path on purpose, my work has been described to me as very “whimsical” and “slightly pagan” in content. Also, being an avid scuba diver, I have a huge affinity for sea life and have been making dozens of octopi, squid etc.

I have also begun collaborating with other artists, mainly people who do not work in 3d as i feel it lends a new language for each of us to understand when approaching a project together. I’ve been giving unglazed pieces to other artists I know to paint, or treat the surface however they please, the results have been stunning.